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NAACC Opposes Ontario Ethanol increase

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All, We definitely do not want this to spill over to other Provinces. Please be vigilant! The NAACC and the SVA-O along with other groups are requesting that the Ontario Government reconsider mandating higher ethanol fuel content. It should also be noted that SEMA is on board as well. This is a major lobby and… Read more »

STOLEN 67 GTX Langley

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Heads up! Yet another car stolen   -I just had my 67 GTX 440 car stolen from storage in Langley on Friday, Dec 22nd. -No motor or tranny. -Grill, bumpers and tail lights are not installed. -Interior is out, but it’s a roller. -Steering column/wheel and dash are in. -All glass is in. -Fresh red… Read more »