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Stolen Cargo Car Trailer

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STOLEN: US Cargo 20-foot car trailer on or about January 5th from Baycrest Ave. – Coquitlam. Beige with light and dark blue beltline stripes. Says Bruce Trailers – Peterborough on left rear side. License 942052. Please contact Coquitlam RCMP (604) 945-1550 File 18 – 638. Reward for recovery.

Collector Insurance Questions ICBC

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These questions were responded to by a qualified ICBC representative. ICBC collector vehicles program questions: ICBC Autoplan Insurance brochure (Sept.11, 2016) Part 9, refers specifically to “vehicles such as trailers,… motorcycles,…modified and modified collector vehicles” with regards to declaring their value. When the declared value of these vehicles are too low a co-insurance clause then… Read more »