Estate Plan

The following is a result of a collaborative effort between ICBC and SVABC:

Here is the procedure to put your Collector or Modified Collector vehicle in you and your spouse’s name.


A current AirCare pass will not be required as long as the new joint owner is a spouse of directly family member. If you received your collector plate more than 24 months ago, ICBC will require you to submit a recent set of photos.


Obtain form MV1425 from your agent / broker, or by visiting type MV1425 in the search box. Complete the form with the names and signatures of both owners and send it with new photos (if required under the 24 month rule) into ICBC or drop off at your Autoplan agent and ask them to forward them to the Specialty Vehicle Department at ICBC’s Head Office.

Note: Make sure your broker is giving you a new MV1425, along the top the Broker should fill in their agent number and contact information.

ICBC now dispatches the plates directly to the Broker’s office when approved. The Broker will contact you when the plates arrive in their office. Both of the applicants must attend the Brokers office to complete the transaction. If your collector vehicle has a plate with current coverage, take those plates off the vehicle and with you to the broker’s office. They will be cancelled and any refund owing applied.


Obtain forms MVl426 and MV1437 from your agent or broker, follow the same procedures as for the stock collector vehicle above. ICBC is only interested in the owners declared value on the MV1437, do not fill out the rest of the form. British Columbia license plates are attached to the name of the registered owner. A new or additional owner cannot be added to an existing plate. So if you have an existing plate and are thinking about adding a spouse or family member as a joint owner for estate planning purposes. You
will end up with a new plate. There is no way around this.

For all new applications, now is the time to apply in both names!