Fender Less Update

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Fenderless on British Columbia Roads

An update from the Fender less Steering Committee May l, 2017

Since our last communique, we have continued ongoing discussion with staff of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, including the Commercial Vehicle Safety & Enforcement Branch, and Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

The Manager of Policy Development for the Ministry of Transportation has completed a review of the requirement within the revised Motor Vehicle Act that fender less cars be registered into the Collector Plate Program with Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement. All agree with the position put forth by the Fender less Steering Committee that this requirement is restrictive, unnecessary and therefore is to be removed.

The process is for an amendment to be drafted by the Manager of Policy Development, forwarded to the Fender less Steering Committee for review, then sent to the Executive Branch for approval following which it will be signed by the Minister of Transportation.

Given the provincial election, the amendment will be signed by the Minister of Transportation of the new government. We expect the timeline for completion to be September.

More to come.

Dan London, for

The Fenderless Steering Committee:

Jim winter, Rick Ross, Dan London, Art Brumpton, Keith Biddlecombe Tel. 604.818.8162

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