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    Hi I’m new here but a car hobbyist for many years.

    My current vehicle is a 1973 Leyland Australia Mini Window Van that my wife & I drove around Australia (70 days in 2011) with an Aussie couple in their Mini. It was the 50th anniversary year for the Classic Mini in OZ.

    We went back in 2013 and 4 old couples in 4 old Minis spent a month driving from Queensland to, around and from Tasmania. Then I shipped the Mini home.

    B.C. Sales Tax of 12% was collected on registration following safety inspection.

    I first learned about the B.C. hike from 7 to 12% in spring 2010…it was a hidden line item in legislation that year and took effect on July 1st. My club was co-hosting Mini Meet West in Penticton starting June 29th and on arrival at the Lakeside Resort there was a car auction taking place in the parking lot. I asked the auction organizer if he was encouraging buyers to complete their paper work and register title by the next day because the tax was jumping 5 percentage points. He looked at me as if I were daft…he knew nothing about the tax hike.

    Now 5 years later this pernicious, regressive tax continues to rob those who can only afford to buy a second hand vehicle. It is also a super tax on car hobbyists, most of whom are not among the wealthy…though some are. But consider a Honda sold new at $20,000. It generates $1,400 B.C. tax (7%) on purchase. Then generates another $1,440 (12%) when resold privately for just $12,000.

    Wouldn’t it be better for those extra tax dollars to tires, brakes, servicing???

    Wondering what SVABC has done to address this unique tax on private sales between individuals?




    Hi Hunter 2

    We would like to e mail you a answer to your taxation question, so to that end please e mail me your e mail address.

    Bob Kelly

    SVABC Director


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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