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    This idea of allowing new build kit cars to be considered as collector cars is not only ridiculous but unfair. This is something the SVA BC has been pushing and just another reason I have not renewed my membership.

    Some interesting comments. I am surprised that nobody from SVA BC has bothered to comment. Maybe they do not read this.


    The SVABC membership and Hot Rod community have been lobbying since 2000 for the inclusion of “QUALITY” built replicas, examples that will be approved by ICBC (Not Kit Cars) and have to pass a detailed inspection. The SVABC represents “ALL” hobbyists in the Province and has taken this continued and ongoing request very seriously. It was discussed and voted on at the AGM, we then conducted a Province wide survey which resulted in an overwhelming vote that “YES” the membership were in favor of the SVABC approaching ICBC and the Government to request such a change to Division 22A of the Insurance Motor Vehicle Act and Regulations. Unfortunately sometimes not everyone agrees, one has to remember that sometimes the door swings the other way and you get what you want and others don`t agree. I’m sure the same issue will occur when the Modified Collector plate criterion is raised to 1974, some will ask why not 1975!


    AC Bill

    Well it appears since this post was made, there have been some changes made, and replica’s are allowed (with caveats) to be registered as a Collector.

    Personally having built a AC Cobra replica, I wish they had included up to 1965-66 model years.

    If anyone thinks that these replica’s are all a snap to build ,and anyone could do it, they are mistaken. There is as much work involved, (other than body rust issues), as restoring an original car. And many of those are actually using replica parts in the process of restoration, including replica frames,  body panels,  modern replica wiring harness’s, etc, etc.

    The term “kit car”, for a car like mine, is actually a derogatory term in my mind. It really is. I think if anything, it should be considered a “component car”..  as it really is just a bunch of car components in box’s,  and even then, there are not enough to actually complete a car. Yes you do get an unfinished body and bare chassis, but in spite of that, I still spent months and thousands of dollars, rounding up all the additional components required to complete it.

    As part of building my Cobra replica, I had to hand bend and install all the brake lines,  and the fuel lines. You need to cut to length, and run all  the electrical wiring, for the entire vehicle. From headlight to taillight, including the dashboard, heater, wipers, engine compartment, etc.  That was a job in itself, that many would probably farm out to a professional. All the inner metal panels for the trunk, and cockpit, needed to be installed by hand.  Although pre-cut, and bent at the factory,  they still needed trimming and tweaking, to get them to all in place. Over 1000 holes had to be drilled and each was hand riveted. Interior insulation and carpeting it, is really no different then one would do in a restoration. All the steering, brakes, and suspension has to be assembled, and installed,  part by part, basically the same as you would during a complete restoration. My body including the doors, hood and trunk lid, still required 137  hours of labor including paint, to finish. Admittedly I didn’t do that part of the build, but many collector car owners wouldn’t attempt that part on there own either.

    It was a two year’s labor of love building my lifelong dream car. It is a “sunny day only” car, not unlike many of the collector cars in BC. Cost to build it was likely in the same range as many of the cars licensed as collectors on our roads, perhaps even more than some, and sure, less than others. As far as I am concerned it is a collector car,  at least as much as many of the modified hot rods are. It’s a shame it isn’t yet recognized as such.

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