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    I am a (relatively new) member with a question. I need to reduce the bump steer in my Spitfire and want to install high quality heim joints to replaced the rod ends.

    I have heard differing opinions as to whether this is ok under current rules.

    My research led me to a forum with the following post indicating that if done properly, it is ok.

    Can anyone confirm “Notice 6/2000

    “RE: Heim Joints, Rod Ends, Notice 6/2000 ”

    “Vehicles built with this type of suspension, steering and other linkages shall have these linkages inspected for structural integrity as intended by design, Ensuring that these joints/linkages are not modified, installed properly without binding, have locking nuts/devices in place when required, and that they are of recognized manufacturer .

    If these joint and rod ends meet the above installation criteria the vehicle shall not be rejected for having heim jounts or rod ends installed.

    Please note that the same joint or rode ends that has been modified, welded upon, not having locking nuts or similar devices and improperly installed, IE with a bolt through a tapered hole shall be REJECTED.

    this is keeping with the industry norms for aftermarket suspenison and steering components manufactured by recognized manufacturers.”



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