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    They are discontinuing the Agreed Value Policy

    Discontinuation of some Autoplan coverages in 2014

    After detailed analysis and consideration, we will be discontinuing some Autoplan special coverages at the end of this year. The decision to discontinue these products was made based on the volume and premium income associated with each, as well as the availability of alternative products.

    Effective January 1, 2014, the following special coverages will no longer be offered:

    · APD10 Driver’s Policy

    · APV243 Contingent Liability Insurance Policy

    · APV300 Excess Special Equipment Endorsement

    · APV314 Vehicle Travel Protection Policy

    · APV330 Special Sound and Communication Equipment Endorsement

    · APV331 Fuel Conversion Equipment Replacement

    · APV348 Agreed Value Policy

    Starting October 1 we will notify, by mail, customers who currently have this coverage that they will not be able to renew it after January 1, 2014. Policies issued prior to this date will remain active until the policy’s expiration date.

    An Autoplan Bulletin has been issued, and we have posted related Q&As on the Extranet, for your staff’s reference.


    ICBC claims systems update to start November 18

    ICBC is implementing a modern and integrated claims system to make our claims handling more efficient and improve service for customers. This system, called ClaimCenter, will replace our multiple, aging claims systems with a new system that provides a consolidated view of a customer’s claim.

    The new system will allow our Claims employees to work more efficiently and productively by reducing manual processes.

    As we complete these updates, your customers will see an improved claims experience:

    · More modern and simplified processes to help ensure quicker resolution to claims and help reduce claims costs

    · Having electronic claims files means customers have the choice to do more business with ICBC over the phone or in another location (depending on the claim)

    · Customer privacy will be better protected with safe and secure electronic files

    · Reduced paper use will save money and provide environmental benefits

    We are implementing ClaimCenter around the province in four phases. The first phase starts November 18, in the North Central area, where there is a lower concentration of both customers and claims.

    ClaimCenter will be rolled out to other regions one at a time, starting in the new year (we cannot confirm dates at this time).

    To ensure that our staff are well prepared for the transition, we have developed a program that will see approximately 1,000 ICBC claims staff, and others in key support areas, complete roughly 100,000 hours of training.

    A change of this magnitude is a significant undertaking, and while our plans are aimed at minimizing impacts to customers, in the short term, they may experience some delays. We expect claim centres to operate at approximately 75 percent staffing levels during each region’s roll out, as employees are trained and learn the new system.

    We will provide you with more information in the near future. Thank you for your support during this transition.





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