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    June 24, 2014

    To whom it may concern:
    ICBC issues Collector Plates to those vehicles that fit the criteria and definition of a collector vehicle. In some cases, a Multiple Collector Plate will be issued.
    For the convenience of owners with more than one collector vehicle, only one multi-vehicle collector plate is issued for display on any one collector vehicle at a time. ICBC has always issued one plate for multi-vehicle collectors.
    In essence, the Multiple Collector Plate is a ‘floater’ plate, similar to a Dealer plate that allows the owner to move the plate to which ever car he or she is driving.
    This is to confirm that your Multiple Collector Plate conforms to the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations (MVAR) of British Columbia. Namely, Division22A which states:
    Use of license and number plates for multiple vehicles
    22A.04 A Licence and distinctive number plate issued for a collector motor vehicle under this Division may, with the prior approval of the insurance Corporation of British Columbia, be used for other collector motor vehicles owned by the holder of the license.
    Which means that owners of a Multiple Collector Plate will have one licence plate only and that plate can be used on any of the vehicles insured and listed on the insurance Schedule of Vehicles which is attached to the Collector Vehicle Insurance form.
    Section 3.011 of the MVAR describes the practice of issuing one plate in this case:
    Attachment of number plates
    3.011 Number plates issued for a vehicle under the Commercial Transport Act or Motor Vehicle Act must be attached
    (a) one plate to the front and one plate to the rear of the vehicle, if 2 number plates are issued for a vehicle, and
    (b) to the rear of the vehicle, if a single number plate is issued for the vehicle
    Note: The Multiple Collector Plates do not show up in the regular ICBC system, so if a police officer needs to run the plate, it will not show up, because police do not have access to that database. However, there is a Hotline that police officers can call, through the MVB that can give information on those plates.
    Please feel free to share this letter.



    It is too bad this is not available for collector cars that are not up to ICBC Collector standards and are mechanically sound. For cars that are being worked on, you could transfer the daily driver plate over and take it to a car show. Once ICBC approved my car and I took it to my first car show, I suddenly found out where I could have purchased a parts car or where to get the new parts! It would also allow people who are just starting to enjoy the hobby. Some of the eastern provinces have this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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