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    Hello everyone,

    You may have noticed the forums have been disabled for the past couple of weeks. This was to fix a potential security issue that has now been resolved; during that process I made a few changes to the code running the forums. On the surface it should not appear too different but there are some new features:

    • A new and highly effective anti-spam system is in place, so once again guests can now post without logging in.
    • An easy to use visual editor toolbar is in place for formatting posts.
    • The number of views for each thread is now displayed; this will count the number of clicks/hits each thread receives from now (August 11th 2016) onwards.
    • Tags can now be added to topics to improve searchability.
    • Media such as YouTube videos or Flickr galleries should appear directly embedded in posts.

    Note that due to difficulties during the database migration, some timestamps for previous posts may be inaccurate by up to 8 hours. Also, the author information for some previous posts have been attributed to a generic “Guest” account. This won’t be an issue going forward, but if you want to claim authorship of a previous post, please reply to this thread with your account name and a link to the post.

    I will be working on some more minor improvements over the next few days but am happy to say that the forums are fully functional again!



    (website admin)


    Site Admin

    Hi Nik
    Looks like everything is okay, great job
    Thanks Bob.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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