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    This is a sad story about David’s loss of his pride and joy, ripped out of his life by a thief. We are asking for your advice on the best ways for preventing your favourite ride from being stolen, perhaps it will save someone from experiencing such a great loss. The Club, immobilizers, master power switch are some, however we are sure there is more info out there. What about insurance?

    Of course a professional may take it away on a deck truck no matter what one does to prevent it.

    David’s story; As I mentioned in a previous email I am interested in some kind of info sharing re: auto theft prevention and insurance matters. My 64 Chevelle was stolen from outside a Motel in Puyallup Wash. On July 31/16 and so I have a pretty good reason for being interested. I have been inundated with requests for updates on my car and at some point I started asking my fellow car nuts what they were using for car security and NOT ONE has any- period. I am now in the process of dealing with ICBC for the replacement value of my car. It was not eligible for a modified collector plate as it is a 1964. My local agent told me that “agreed value” was no longer an option so I don’t know where I stand as far as the appraised value goes. It seems to me that there are a great many others who would be in the same spot as me if their car was stolen. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. So- is it possible that the SVABC would be interested in some kind of information sharing regarding this situation. It would be great if car enthusiasts volunteer their time to get the word out and share information as I can’t think of a more worthy project given my current situation. I would be willing to volunteer my time to this but I’m not sure I could handle the whole job as I’m not exactly a tech whiz. I can do research and I do have a fair amount.of personal experience to add to the mix. If you have a few spare minutes, google “Stolen Chevelle Puyallup Wash” and there is a fairly concise recap of my case. I think it would qualify as a worst case scenario for just about any car person.

    Your input would be greatly appreciated.

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    bob kelly

    On Nov 22 in Phoenix Arizona a 68 Camaro in mint condition was stolen in the early morning hours, from the driveway next to the house, it had a Club on the steering wheel and a dead battery, it had very noisy exhaust so they wouldn’t have wanted to start it . Theory is they pulled it onto a trailer or a tow truck and took it away.  Apparently the safest place is locked in a garage.

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    We, as car owners have to examine what insurance we have on our cars…what paperwork we have in a safe location, photos, appraisals, copies of similar cars for sale (updated regularly).

    If you want total protection then get Hagerty Agreed value……this however surprises some owners who think  that spending 100,000 on a car means it is worth that much.  We also have to examine if the car is modified it should be registered accordingly and you can put a declared value on the vehicle, just like a camper van or motorhome. Don’t just blindly proceed on blue and white plates without some research.

    Cars are going to get stolen no matter how careful we are. A test drive in the Okanagan a few years back where the thieves threw the owner out of the car and took off.


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