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    Just a note to remind members that it takes dedication, co-operation and patience to achieve the desired goals of an organization such as the SVABC, when dealing with Government Ministries and Crown Corporations.

    Based on recent emails, there are a number of owners of vehicles that are of a collector type, who are upset with the SVABC’s failure to have the “Corporation” (ICBC) make changes to the current collector program. These owners must understand that the “Corporation” has stated there will not be changes to the current program until after the forth-coming election to be held in 2013. The other item that impacts any changes is that ICBC is in the process of implementing a new computer system, sometime in 2013.

    I would suggest to these persons as well as to other SVABC members, to put forward issues they would like to see addressed in writing and forward them to the SVABC executive prior to the SVABC annual meeting in order they can be discussed by those in attendance at the AGM. Where possible, supporting material for the desired changes should be included. If one can provide statistical evidence for a change, this would be of great assistance. By doing this, it would assist the current SVABC executive in developing the agenda for the forthcoming AGM (mar 23/13). When the items are discussed and agreed to or not, would assist the SVABC executive in preparing a submission to be presented to the officials at the Insurance Corporation at the first opportunity.

    In any organization, it takes it members to work together in a cooperative way to achieve desired goals – yes there can be different opinions as to what is on the table for discussion but “crying wolf “ by a few, never leads to success.

    Just a thought

    Keith Jackman

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