ICBC Collector Vehicle and Related Forms March 30/17

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There are a lot of questions out there, so here is a summary of the forms, hopefully this will make it clear.
Remember MARCH 30 is the application start date, for the Mod Collector and Replica change, so see your ICBC Insurance Broker for forms, at the this point in time they won’t be available on line.
Don’t use the old MV1426 form only use the updated form dated March 30/2017
MV1437 used only to change the Registration status of a vehicle to modified and is not a collector plate application form.
If one has a vehicle that is modified it must be registered as one regardless of how it is going to or is plated. Blue White, Collector or Personal.
The Registration form also includes a Insurance document, as such it is critical that everything describing the vehicle is correct or your coverage may be affected.
( colour, vin number, status stock modified)See your ICBC Broker for more information and to update the registration. 
MV1426 revised  application for Modified Collector 1974 and prior (dated bottom left corner)
MV1427 application form for Replicas 1942 and prior

Application for Replica/Constructed Collector Motor Vehicle Program (MV1427), for replica vehicles that resemble 1942 or earlier vehicle models

Eligible vehicles will now be registered according to the make and model year they are built to resemble.


If you have a Replica Home built or any such vehicle ICBC has changed the Registration form format to the following, so if it was described as

Year 2014 ,Make Replica, model Ford it will now show as

Year 1937



See your ICBC Broker to correct the registration.


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