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Collector Motor Vehicle Program Expansion UPDATE

Updated information regarding weigh slip requirements

All replica vehicles require a weigh scale certificate as part the BC Assigned VIN requirement (Application of BC Assigned VIN MV1325 form) with the exception of imported vehicles which already have an assigned VINS from another jurisdiction. 

Modified vehicles require a weigh scale certificate if the modifications alter the net vehicle weight.  Motor Vehicle Act s. 3(7) that requires ICBC to be satisfied that a description of the vehicle is provided for the purpose of vehicle registration, licensing and insurance fees/premiums.  Due to fee Regulations being structured into weight categories, sometimes a small change in net vehicle weight will require ICBC to charge a different licence fee.  A person making the modifications is responsible for the determination of if the modifications alter the net vehicle weight.

The net vehicle weight is that of an empty vehicle except for the maximum capacity of fuel, oil and coolant necessary for its operation (per MVAR s. Div. 1). 

For Imported Vehicles in Restoration, a weigh scale certificate is not required to register a vehicle in restoration (MV1458 – Registration Application for Vehicles in Restoration) but is required when applying to license an imported or out of province vehicle in restoration once the vehicle is completed (MV1459 – Application for Verification of Description of Completed Vehicle).


Below is a recap of the changes to the Collector Motor Vehicle Program as previously discussed if of any assistance with communications and/or answering any questions. 

·        BC’s Collector Vehicle Program has expanded to include modified vehicles from 1974 or earlier, from the current 1958 cut-off year and now includes replica vehicles that resemble production vehicles manufactured in or prior to 1942.  

·        The Application for Modified Collector Motor Vehicle Program (MV1426) has been updated to recognize the eligibility of modified vehicles with the model year of 1974 or earlier.   

·        A new form, Application for Replica/Constructed Collector Motor Vehicle Program (MV1427), was created for replica vehicles that resemble 1942 or earlier vehicle models.  Eligible vehicles will now be registered according to the make and model year they are built to resemble.    

·        ICBC began accepting collector vehicle applications on March 30th.   If a vehicle is approved, collector plates will be sent to brokers after the program changes take effect on June 30, 2017. 

·        Brokers can check the status (received, approved or rejected) of a collector plate application by checking notes in ICBC’s new insurance sales system.   

·        Customers should please ensure their vehicle meets all the eligibility criteria before applying and that their application is completed in full.  Incomplete applications will be rejected. 

·        Customers can visit ICBC’s collector and modified vehicles page for more information or contact ICBC’s Collector Vehicle Department at 604-661-2756.  

Replica Vehicles 

All BC registered replica vehicles including replica vehicles on regular (non-collector) plates will be registered as they resemble.  These changes will take place as soon as possible after June 30, 2017.  ICBC will be sending letters to vehicle owners regarding this change and providing information on eligibility and the process for changing their vehicle registration. 

All Modified and Replica applications require a current weigh slip.


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