Benefits of Membership

  • Retain & protect your rights & rates already negotiated under the Collector Plate Program
  • Your voice with Gov’t Agencies
  • Advice/assistance in obtaining your Collector Plate
  • Interpretation of Inspection Standards
  • Assistance in Registering your favourite ride
  • Focal point for dealing with the Gov’t on matters that influence the hobby
  • Security
  • Membership is directly proportional to the amount of negotiation power the organization has, when dealing with ICBC and other Government Depts. Without membership there is no voice. Clubs add stability/integrity and individual membership supplies the cross section and the quantities to solidify a survey or a vote.
  • Clubs from many areas of the province are members.  Please take the time to join now, for only $5.00
  • United We Stand Divided We Fail…


We were successful in getting a new policy implemented which allowed for; Effective April 9, 2015  the Registration of out of Province Vehicles prior to inspection.

To date more than 240 people have benefited from this Program

  • Next Step  The following Proposal has been approved and will be implemented when the new ICBC computer system is Implemented, which is estimated to be early  2017.
  • Move Modified Collector from 1958 and prior to 1974 and prior.
  • Include Replica North American built production vehicles 1942 and prior

Pay By Cash or Cheque: Pay Online:
Click here;SVA Membership App Club & Ind  to download a printable pdf Club & Individual registration form.
Club Individual member roster form

For club registration, please print the registration form on the left, fill out and mail a cheque.  Note for Clubs there are two forms for your useTo register individual club members, fill out this Club member roster form and send both forms along with a cheque to:

Box 34237 – 17790  #10 Hwy

Surrey, BC  V3S 8C4

The dues cover basic expenses, as all of our Executive and Regional Representatives are volunteers.
The Club fee is $50.00 plus $5.00 for each individual member that wishes to
join. Above are the forms. Ideally you would make out the Club
registration and the separate sheet ( Club Individual memberber roster form) which lists the name and e mail address
of your members, collect the money and send one cheque to the SVABC.  Some
clubs have included membership in their annual dues

Questions; Contact Bob Kelly via e mail