ICBC Modified Collector Bulletin

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Collector Motor Vehicle Program Expansion UPDATE

Updated information regarding weigh slip requirements

All replica vehicles require a weigh scale certificate as part the BC Assigned VIN requirement (Application of BC Assigned VIN MV1325 form) with the exception of imported vehicles which already have an assigned VINS from another jurisdiction. 

Modified vehicles require a weigh scale certificate if the modifications alter the net vehicle weight.  Motor Vehicle Act s. 3(7) that requires ICBC to be satisfied that a description of the vehicle is provided for the purpose of vehicle registration, licensing and insurance fees/premiums.  Due to fee Regulations being structured into weight categories, sometimes a small change in net vehicle weight will require ICBC to charge a different licence fee.  A person making the modifications is responsible for the determination of if the modifications alter the net vehicle weight.

The net vehicle weight is that of an empty vehicle except for the maximum capacity of fuel, oil and coolant necessary for its operation (per MVAR s. Div. 1). 

For Imported Vehicles in Restoration, a weigh scale certificate is not required to register a vehicle in restoration (MV1458 – Registration Application for Vehicles in Restoration) but is required when applying to license an imported or out of province vehicle in restoration once the vehicle is completed (MV1459 – Application for Verification of Description of Completed Vehicle).


Below is a recap of the changes to the Collector Motor Vehicle Program as previously discussed if of any assistance with communications and/or answering any questions. 

·        BC’s Collector Vehicle Program has expanded to include modified vehicles from 1974 or earlier, from the current 1958 cut-off year and now includes replica vehicles that resemble production vehicles manufactured in or prior to 1942.  

·        The Application for Modified Collector Motor Vehicle Program (MV1426) has been updated to recognize the eligibility of modified vehicles with the model year of 1974 or earlier.   

·        A new form, Application for Replica/Constructed Collector Motor Vehicle Program (MV1427), was created for replica vehicles that resemble 1942 or earlier vehicle models.  Eligible vehicles will now be registered according to the make and model year they are built to resemble.    

·        ICBC began accepting collector vehicle applications on March 30th.   If a vehicle is approved, collector plates will be sent to brokers after the program changes take effect on June 30, 2017. 

·        Brokers can check the status (received, approved or rejected) of a collector plate application by checking notes in ICBC’s new insurance sales system.   

·        Customers should please ensure their vehicle meets all the eligibility criteria before applying and that their application is completed in full.  Incomplete applications will be rejected. 

·        Customers can visit ICBC’s collector and modified vehicles page for more information or contact ICBC’s Collector Vehicle Department at 604-661-2756.  

Replica Vehicles 

All BC registered replica vehicles including replica vehicles on regular (non-collector) plates will be registered as they resemble.  These changes will take place as soon as possible after June 30, 2017.  ICBC will be sending letters to vehicle owners regarding this change and providing information on eligibility and the process for changing their vehicle registration. 

All Modified and Replica applications require a current weigh slip.


Thanks, Gina

ICBC Collector Vehicle and Related Forms March 30/17

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There are a lot of questions out there, so here is a summary of the forms, hopefully this will make it clear.
Remember MARCH 30 is the application start date, for the Mod Collector and Replica change, so see your ICBC Insurance Broker for forms, at the this point in time they won’t be available on line.
Don’t use the old MV1426 form only use the updated form dated March 30/2017
MV1437 used only to change the Registration status of a vehicle to modified and is not a collector plate application form.
If one has a vehicle that is modified it must be registered as one regardless of how it is going to or is plated. Blue White, Collector or Personal.
The Registration form also includes a Insurance document, as such it is critical that everything describing the vehicle is correct or your coverage may be affected.
( colour, vin number, status stock modified)See your ICBC Broker for more information and to update the registration. 
MV1426 revised  application for Modified Collector 1974 and prior (dated bottom left corner)
MV1427 application form for Replicas 1942 and prior

Application for Replica/Constructed Collector Motor Vehicle Program (MV1427), for replica vehicles that resemble 1942 or earlier vehicle models

Eligible vehicles will now be registered according to the make and model year they are built to resemble.


If you have a Replica Home built or any such vehicle ICBC has changed the Registration form format to the following, so if it was described as

Year 2014 ,Make Replica, model Ford it will now show as

Year 1937



See your ICBC Broker to correct the registration.


Bob Kelly
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GOV’T NEWS RELEASE Mod Collector change

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Great news this announcement gives the time line for applications.

This has been a long journey which started in 2013, with a lot of data collection from the Car Enthusiasts and other sources to assemble a business case to justify  the changes to the program. This journey included many meetings with ICBC, the Ministry of Transportation and Minister Stone, which included a lot of in depth discussion about the pros and cons of the age criteria and of course about Replicas. The extra time was not wasted, it produced some positive changes such as a broader range of inclusion for Replicas. A Special Thanks to everyone involved SVABC members , the car enthusiasts, for their input and support.

click on link to view

Ministerr Stone Announcement_Collector Vehicle Expansion_March 10 2017

In Rememberance of Ron Peigl

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Ron Peigl played a huge role is assisting with the birth of the collector plate. He was the VCCC liaison with the SVABC and has never been given the recognition he deserved for assisting with the birth of the collector plate

The Minister Russ Fraser has B00-000 and Peigl B00-001

He constantly tried to stay on top of Collector plate cheaters and often contacted me when I was at ICBC

Our heart felt condolences to family and friends.

Nigel Matthews

Ron Piegl Celebration of Life


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Collector Car Appreciation Day

Great news, as a result of the Specialty Vehicle Association of BC request;  the Province of British Columbia has issued a Proclamation declaring July 8, 2017 and the month of July 2017 as Collector Car Appreciation Day and Month.  We are extremely happy to see this program continue, this is the fourth year and the enthusiasm continues to grow, some groups already have plans in place for 2017. Some say why, well it recognizes car enthusiasts, and their hobby  for what they give back to the community through charities, volunteering, helping the less fortunate, and the economic value it brings to their communities. Also introduces the hobby to new car enthusiasts allowing them to grow into a rewarding hobby.

Giving credit where it is due

Special Thanks to lifelong Car Enthusiast and long-time SVABC member, dating back to the late 70’s, Keith Jackman. Keith championed the Collector Car Appreciation Day (CCAD) program request in 2013 in preparation for the Proclamation in 2014. We worked together on the justification and he continues to play an active role.  Keith’s career includes many positions one of which was Superintendent of Motor Vehicles, so he has a vast knowledge of regulations and policies.  

The SVABC will place your Collector Car Appreciation Day event information on the SVABC Web site.  Please submit to Bob Kelly  for posting

To view the Proclamation go on the SVABC Web Site to “news” scroll down and click on Reports, click on 2017 Proclamation CCAD. The same pass word as the newsletter.

Minister of Transportation & Infustructure Todd Stone Announces Mod Collector Change 58-74 & Replica Changes

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Attached is Minister Stones announcement on Saturday Aug 6th along with a picture of the announcement centre stage at the Hot Nite in the City Car Show in Kamloops.

right to left Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Todd Stone and Specialty Vehicle Association of BC Director Bob Kelly.

There were 542 registered in the show and thousands of spectators throughout the day.

Click on link to view news release

58-74 announceKam Todd16.8.6

Right Minister Todd Stone Left SVABC Director Bob Kelly

Right Minister Todd Stone
Left SVABC Director Bob Kelly

Premier Christy Clark Announces Fenderless Legal

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Click on this for a fenderless update from Dan London, he is the official spokesperson for the Fender less committee.

Fenderless on B.C 07.21.16update



Fenderless collector cars are now legal on the B.C. roads

July 1/16 West Kelowna 2:45pm


Owners of qualifying specialty cars without mud flaps or fenders can now operate legally, thanks to an amendment to the Motor Vehicle Act Regulation, announced Premier Christy Clark.

“Whether they live here or are visiting, owners of these special, modified vehicles can now drive our roads legally,” Premier Clark said. “These owners take great pride in their cars and this summer, they can take them where they belong – the open road.”

This amendment to the Motor Vehicle Act regulation exempts qualifying vehicles from the requirement to have mudguards or mud flaps – as an alternative to fenders – on their cars. Now, owners of specialty cars can operate their vehicles without mudguards or mud flaps where the highway is dry and paved. Qualifying vehicles must have been built in 1940 or earlier, or be replicas of this vintage of vehicle.

“We heard from specialty car owners that this regulation was getting in the way of the legal operation of otherwise safe cars on our roads,” said Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Todd Stone. “This is a common-sense fix to unnecessary red tape that was making it difficult to attract collector car events to our province. Now, thousands of owners can travel to events, or simply take their cars for a spin without special consideration or concerns about breaking the law.”

Prior to this change, owners of these types of vintage or specially vehicles without fenders ran the risk of operating outside of the regulations of the Motor Vehicle Act, which required all vehicles to have mud flaps or fenders. These specific, 1940s-style cars did not have them as part of their design.

“This is great news for owners of specialty cars, both here in B.C. and outside of our province, especially as we get ready for a busy season of summer travel through this beautiful province,” said president of the Vintage Car Club of Canada, Okanagan chapter, Jim Carpenter. “With this change, I expect more event organizers will choose to have their next collector car show in B.C. with more to come in the future.”

This amendment is one of a number of motor vehicle-related amendments made in the past couple of years that provides clarity to regulations in the act. This includes providing more clarity regarding motorcycle parking distances, better language to improve the enforcement of Keep Right Except to Pass regulations and more information regarding requirements for winter tires.


More details to be released in coming days.


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Hey, Great news!! 

           The SVABC has been working towards this day for a long time and we are very excited to bring you this news. This is a direct result of the SVABC working with ICBC & Minister Stone. Minister Stone is a great supporter of the Hobby and the Car Enthusiasts of B.C.  Special Thanks to everyone that participated in the success of this proposal.

            On Friday, March 20, 2015 in Kamloops, Minister Stone announced the implementation of Part 1 of the SVABC proposal package effective April 9th,2015. The Proposal Package was presented to ICBC in October 2013 on behalf of the SVABC members.  Present were the Kamloops Street Rod Assn., Vintage Car Club Kamloops, ICBC’s Mark Francis, Doug Blatchford SVABC VP and Bob Kelly SVABC Director-Proposal Lead.  The Government News release is accessible via the link below.


Date:  March 28,2015

Time: 1:00 pm. meeting starts, doors open at 12:30, come early and visit with us over coffee.

Location: Lions Society West Langley Hall 9402 208st Langley.

Directions: From Hwy #1 Head north on 200th St and turn right on 88th then left on 208th St for about 6 blocks.

Munchies: Coffee and pastries
Come out and hear more!!
Questions contact Bob Kelly