Stolen 67 GTX Langley

Heads up!
Yet another stolen car
-I just had my 67 GTX 440 car stolen from storage in Langley on FridayDec 22nd.
-No motor or tranny.
-Grill, bumpers and tail lights are not installed.
-Interior is out, but it’s a roller.
-Steering column/wheel and dash are in.
-All glass is in.
-Fresh red paint.
-It’s a manual steering, non-power drum brake car.
-Distinguishing features…slight paint blemish about 3-4” diameter on top of drivers quarter just behind rear side window.
-Also, I believe there was a bit of metal repaired on drivers side front of frame…behind firewall.
-Police file # 2017-47389
-Sincere thanks for this…this is why the car community is so great…so many helpful people!
-Reward for return of car or any parts.
Greg Reamsbotto